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The Suppliers China Co., Ltd. (referred to as SC), relying on perfect China Foundry Suppliers Database, provides overseas casting buyers with purchasing service so as to help them improve their procurement efficiency and promote direct exchanges and trade of both sellers and buyers (The buyers are also free to download the 201503 version of China`s Casting Guide, in order to learn some outstanding suppliers for more information).


Purchasers who attend the Global Foundry Sourcing Conference (FSC), come from World Top 500 enterprises or rank the world's leading position in their industries, after being verified and qualified by SC, can apply for free access to screening services. For more details, please contact SC.


 Updated: 2015.06.03

ID Title
1523047 Looking for motorcycle brake handle of aluminum alloy material 
1523032 Greek Buyer Looks for Ductile Iron Valves & Fittings, Manhole Covers 
1523022 Looking for pump parts of shell mold and small stainless steel parts 
1523012 (World top 500 )Buyer looks for auto pressure plates and flywheels 
1522086 American Buyer Looks for Castings and Hardware Castings
1522076 American Buyer Looks for Auto Parts, Petroleum Machinery & Valve Parts
1522062 Looking for Suppliers of Autos/ Motorcycles/Motorcycles Parts in Yangtze River Delta Region
1522056 Russian Buyer Looks for Steel Aluminum & Iron Casting for Energy Power Equipment
1522046 Looking for Cast Steel Valve from 300kg to 800kg
1522037 Looking for Clutch & Cylinder Head Parts for Power Steering System
1522026 Germany Buyer Looks for Auto Chassis & Brackets Parts
1522017 Italian Buyer Looks for Auto Parts(enclosed with sample pics)
1521037 Swedish Buyer Looks for Aluminum Alloy Die Casting
1521022 Japanese Buyere Looks for Aluminum Alloy Die Casting
1521012 Looking for Ductile-iron Auto Steering Gears 
1520032 India Buyer Looks for a Heavy Forging in 85ton (Urgent)
1520026 Spanish Buyer Looks for Cast-iron & Stainless-steel Pump Parts
1520017 American Buyer Looks for Magnesium Alloy Casting


Please email us to know the detailed purchasing programs.


Suppliers can learn the updated procurement information through Emergency Procurement List of Items. If meeting the requirements of purchasers, suppliers can prepare related information in accordance with specific description of the project and then contact the SC service commissioner. If you don't know the contact way of the service commissioner, please call SC switchboard for enquiry.  




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